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     Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

    The DebMed System provides hand hygiene compliance data with actionable results you can rely on to drive lasting behavior change


    Clinically Proven
    • The first and only system proven to measure, and report hand hygiene compliance based on the World Health Organization (WHO) ‘5 Moments’, Canadian ‘Your Four Moments’, and CDC hand hygiene guidelines. 1,2,3
    • Compliance scores are proven as accurate as video monitoring and significantly more accurate than direct observation.2 
    Easy to Use
    • Uniquely able to capture 100% of hand hygiene events 24/7/365
    • Our badge-free system is quick and simple to implement in your facility
    • No need for integration with hospital IT infrastructure, RTLS, or WIFI
    • Compatible with any make and model of dispensers
    • Clinically proven to improve hand hygiene compliance and significantly reduce HAIs4,5,6
    • Has demonstrated significant cost savings5,6
    • Helps reduce the risk of penalties associated with HAC scores, Readmissions and Value Based Purchasing
    Simple to Succeed
    • Lead daily hand hygiene discussions in seconds with insights from DebMed's actionable, easy-to-read, automated push reports
    • Intuitive online dashboard provides highly customizable reports for comprehensive staff engagement, meaningful huddle meetings and lasting culture change
    • No bulky badges or bracelets, alarms or beeps to interrupt workflow and patient interactions
    • Provides healthcare workers autonomy to make decisions about when hand hygiene is warranted


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    Hand hygiene is critical for infection control and patient safety. That’s why hospitals and healthcare facilities choose SC Johnson Professional. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon.

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    North American HEALTHCARE Product RANGE

    SC Johnson Professional™ offers a complete line of skincare products designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and visitors. 

    • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers
    • General purpose and antimicrobial hand soaps
    • Bath and body cleansers
    • Restorative hand lotions (creams)
    • Electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring
    • Durable dispensing systems and accessories
    • And so much more

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